Terms & Conditions

By donating to Realm of Allura, in form of purchasing a donation package(s) via http://shop.realmofallura.com you, the donor, hereby agree that you are not entitled to any tangible goods and that if our community rules are not abided by you, you are susceptible to losing membership within the community and as a result any virtual goods provided to you within.  Since no purchases of tangible goods or services are being made by you no refund or chargeback can be given, on the basis that it is a donation that you are providing to assist in the funding of Realm of Allura, its community and associated websites, not a purchase.

Realm of Allura's donation packages provide you, the donor, with a lifetime collection of perks, as listed within the individual donation package(s) you may choose to purchase.  A lifetime collection of perks is defined by the length of time that Realm of Allura is open, or the length of time you exist as a member within the community; whichever concludes first.  On termination of Realm of Allura or your membership within the community, your lifetime collection of perks is also terminated.  The collection of perks within each donation package is subject to change.  We reserve the right to change the prices of donation packages, perks and virtual goods whenever it is considered to be required, with or without reason.

By purchasing a donation package for the Realm of Allura you also agree that you, or any associated parties acting on your behalf, may not take any legal action against Realm of Allura, its community and staff in regards to your donation contribution.  Not adhering to these terms and conditions, as pointed out in our community rules, will result in your loss of membership within the community.

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